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Alpine PartyPlug
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PartyPlug Ear Plugs from Alpine Hearing Protection are natural sound musician's earplugs intended for the concert and events visitor. PartyPlugs are ideal for music listening wherever you do not have control over the volume: at Concerts, Clubs, Events, Dance Parties, even when riding with friends!

Alpine PartyPlug Ear Plugs feature the unique thermo-reactive double-flanged Alpine earplug design for exceptional comfort and effectiveness. Each PartyPlug is equipped with an acoustic filter that lowers the volume of sound you hear without distorting the sound. That means you can still enjoy your music, and hear conversations, just at a more comfortable and safe volume level.

PartyPlugs have a fixed filter system that works great for many common situations.

PartyPlugs are Ideal For...
-Music Events
-Dance Parties
& Much More!

The PartyPlug has very similar attenuation to the ER20s but don't stick out of your ear as far and don't insert as deep. If you find ER20s not discrete enough and not comfortable because of the deeper insertion, we would recommend these.

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